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About Jilly’s Marketplace

Jilly’s Marketplace - The place to buy & sell pre-owned children’s fashion

Jilly’s marketplace is the place where anyone, anywhere in the world can buy and sell high quality children’s fashion, to anyone, anywhere in the world!

Jilly’s offers a unique platform to the childrenswear and nursery industry whereby you can sell off your second hand baby clothes using Jilly’s Online Marketplace, once you’ve sold your listing(s) you can go straight to Jilly’s Online Shop and buy something new....old for new in only a few clicks!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Sign Up for FREE using our quick and easy registration form.
Step 2: Photograph your item(s) following our Photograph Guide which is explained in the Terms and Conditions of the marketplace.
Step 3: List your item(s) for sale and wait for a buyer

It’s really THAT easy so why not give it a go today...what have you go to loose!?

Pricing Unlimited free listings per customer for a limited period only. No Monthly charges. 10% commission. Fees are paid using PayPal therefore the buyer and seller must have a PayPal account.

Ready to start selling? Click here to list an of clothing in only a few simple steps.

There’s just one catch - your second hand clothes must comply with our quality standards. Please see the Terms and Conditions of Jilly’s Marketplace for more details.

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